Here’s to hoping that the pandemic ends soon and we are able to travel once again without fear. Since it’s been such a long time since many countries closed their borders, I thought of penning down my top 5 essentials that I always have on me when in a different country, just as a checklist for when we do get to travel.

When stepping out of my house, I typically carry the usual things such as my sunglasses, lip-gloss, moisturizer , power bank, water bottle, some candy/mint, etc but when I am travelling abroad I make sure that I have the below mentioned items on me at ALL times…

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  1. First Aid Kit – This may seem unnecessary especially if you’re travelling to a first world nation but it’s sort of become a habit for me. I always carry a travelling size first aid kit with the basics such as band aid, sanitizer, bandages, etc at all times. Not that I am always find myself using it but it always helps in case someone else needs it as well.

  1. Medications from home country – Always carry some basic medication from your home country that you have used before for common illness such as cold, fever, cough, stomach aches, nausea, etc. Even though medications are available everywhere, you best know what you can take in such situations without having to be tested by the doctors elsewhere. Please note that in case of serious illness it is always advisable to see the doctor but if it’s a minor headache/stomach ache, you have your previously tried and tested medicines to bring you relief.

  1. Photocopies of important documents – I always recommend to photocopy essential documents such as 2 different pieces of ID (passport/driving license, etc), and keep multiple copies on yourself at all times. I also make sure to leave some copies securely locked in the luggage that I leave behind in the hotels. Not only does this help identify you when required but also acts as information in case something goes wrong. Obviously some places require you to carry originals at times but most don’t and a digital copy or photo copy works in such situations. Another small piece of information I have on me at all times is my blood type. Whether it is a medical note or me writing it on these documents, its essential in case of medical emergencies.

  1. Emergency contact numbers – Always make sure to carry your location information such as hotel address and phone number on you at all times. This helps in case you run out of technological services and are unable to track the same on your phone, etc. Also be aware of the local emergency numbers for police, ambulance, fire department or such other service.

  1. Universal adapters and portable chargers – Last but not the least, I always make sure to carry a universal adapter since most countries vary in terms of their electrical plug setting and this small piece of device just makes life easy in terms of being able to use all electrical devices. I also make sure to carry a portable charger on me at all times. A small one that at least charges my phone sufficiently is good for me since I tend to over use my phone when travelling by taking a million pictures and using maps.

Pro Tip:

Always organize these items in small pouches – You can use zip lock bags!!

These help as your items are efficiently organized as per the above headings and also are waterproof.


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