Big E! – This name is not unheard of in the India football league.
Erik Paartalu, an Australian professional footballer plays as a defensive midfielder with Bengaluru FC and has been with the club since 2017. This association brought him to Bengaluru where he has been living since. Very recently, Paartalu’s contract was extended till end of 2022 season and Bengaluru FC fans including myself are ecstatic.

Joining me on this new segment, my first guest writer, we are here to know how he feels about living in Bengaluru, his recommendations and get some of his travel stories.

Hello Erik, Thank you for agreeing to do this interview for my blog.

1) My first question to you is, how has living in Bengaluru been for you?
Ans) Easy. 3 years now and I feel like a local. I love the freedom and I love the people.

2) What are some of your favourite things to do in the city?
Ans) Living in Indiranagar I love to go to cafes and restaurants. Sunday brunches are good too. Lalbagh park.
On my day off it usually includes going for coffee somewhere new.

3) What are the top 5 restaurants/cafes/pubs that you would highly recommend to someone?
Ans) 1.Café lavonne 2.Toit 3.Big brewski 4. Burma Burma 5.Flax

4) What is one part of the city that you really want to explore but haven’t had the chance to yet?
Ans) The north west of the city I haven’t explored too much.

5) Have you picked up some Kannada yet or even Hindi?
Ans) Just the swear words… 😛

6) Besides the weather, what else draws you to Bengaluru?
Ans) The freedom. Being able to just jump into an auto and go somewhere. No rules

7) Bengaluru traffic is well known. What’s your opinion on it?
Ans) During 8am and 9:30am and 3:30 and 8pm – forget it !!!

8) We all know of your love for our street cows, how did this whole thing start?
Ans) Being a stupid foreigner taking videos and just being totally amazed they were on the streets. To then feeling sad for them. Now I see them as my lucky charms.

9) What are your favourite South India foods to have?
Ans) India turned me vegetarian. I’m grateful for it. I love idlis and dosa in the mornings on my days off.

10)There are many weekend get away opportunities from Bengaluru like Coorg, Chikmanglur, Ooty, Goa, etc, What are your top spot and why?
Ans) Goa. Hands down. Im there any chance I get.
Im a water baby and I love the ocean. That being said I end up partying a lot while im there. It always draws me in. The freedom and the palm trees. Everyone is more chilled there.

11) What are your travel essentials?
Ans) Carry on luggage only. I refuse to take a big suitcase going for a short trip or beach holiday. Plus you get straight off the plane. Flip flops, sunglasses and a spare gym kit which always gets used.

12) Your daily routine consists of workout sessions and football practices. How do you manage to keep your routine when on vacation?
Ans) Generally after each season finishes I take 14 days off. Do nothing. No workouts no rules. After that its full Guns blazing. I love to keep fit so I take pride in my fitness and its something I enjoy doing no matter what the exercise is.

13) Of all the places you’ve travelled to, which ones are your top favourites?
Ans) Great wall of China. Breath taking. Had a 3 hour walk – all alone.
Bora Bora , paradise in the middle of the ocean.
New York. The city gives me so much energy.

14) If you could live anywhere in the world, which city/country would you choose and why?
Ans) After this virus I have really realized how lucky I am to be an Australian. I always envisioned living overseas as that is where my career has taken me mostly. Now I picture a farm down the coast of NSW not too far from the beach.

15) Some prefer guided tours while others venture out on their own. What is your way to explore a place?
Ans) Phones off… Do some research before but take it all in and lose yourself totally in that moment.

16) Last but not the least, any travel advice/ experience that you would like to share?
Ans) Take 1 photo when you see something you like when on holiday. Don’t stand there and pose 100 times. People are forgetting the essence of being in the moment. Its not about a profile pic or how many likes you can get on Instagram. Its about saving up your money, enjoy the journey to get there, even if it’s arduous, then living the hell out of the time you have there.

*Thank you Erik for taking the time to share your answers on the Guest Blog. 


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